SAY HELLO TO $WTF! (an experiment in decentralization for anonymous payments)

Katashi Nakamoto
6 min readOct 12, 2022


“Silent launch”: A new golden era was born, with WTF, Teh King of Memes.

WTF: Teh Token Killer

“We are an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building, for anonymous payments between parties. 4 days ago, i created the first medium explaining, how $WTF Token was born, now we meet here.”

When we designed the WTF experiment, our goal was very altruistic to provide an opportunity for fair distribution. This means that even if I, Katashi and my 2 friends established WTF , we have no more ownership potential than anyone else in the world. We will continue more about the vision.

Rule #1 — I, Katashi, spend 0 on the project. why 0> It’s not because I’m poor, I sell my entire chain link for $8 to people and have fun with cryptocurrency to play with, honestly, I want to know if something can start from scratch from someone with zero.

Rule #2 — Since I spend 0 on the project, all the $WTF tokens I will have must be purchased on the open market just like anyone else. (so I’ill buy my tokens) not "team token" or "admin token", "marketing token" is simply "Katashi token" just as if I bought it.

Rule #3 - Since the "team" has no tokens and I am just a volunteer, we cannot pay anyone in $ETH or $WTF for influencers or exchange listing. I have different “influencer” contact me trying to get free token and differents “exchange representative.” to all of them I say the same thing.

"Thank you for the interest shown in $WTF. If you are interested please help or create $WTF. JUST DO IT! There are no bosses in $WTF it is 100% community. We are a decentralized spontaneous community building experiment. The team and admin are all volunteers here and will have to buy tokens on the market like everyone else, so there’s not a ton of tokens or funds to pay someone or something. If you want to help the project, of course you can and work with us to find a way to make your efforts more valuable. We believe that through the power of collective decentralization we can build something stronger than a centralized team ever could. "

“Silent & Fair Launch”

I, Katashi Nakamoto adopted a fair and community-driven launch model on the Ethereum network ERC-20 between the early hours UTC+2 of October 12, 2022 . This means no pre-sale, no tokens assigned to team members, and no other interest special. $WTF has no boss, there is never just one (admin) Always give it to the GOD of privacy and decentralization $WTF, me Katashi resigned 100% of the contract” Contract waiver transaction:

$WTF token is deflationary based on transaction volume to encourage an ever-increasing price floor.

2% of every transaction (buy and sell) is sent to the 0x00 ERC-20 burn wallet forever.

70% Of initial supply burned (Vitalik Buterin, Etherum Founder) We burned 70% of the total supply to the direction of Vb ( Etherum Founder ) before the launch, which can never be recovered.

30% LP Blocked on Uniswap and and give up the contract, my friend contributed 1 ETH, for the liquidity. We have burned (locked) the entire supply of our initial LP tokens on Uniswap, and threw away the liquidity keys (seed words) so the ETH or the tokens can never be withdrawn, which means they can never be withdrawal, “ contract waived ”

Then you can be sure that this token is safe to invest in and a worthwhile 'HODL’!

Every anonymous rando on the internet now has a vested interest in $WTF. Even I got a little excited and bought a bag of $WTF during the hype, but I will keep it and have no interest in selling it anytime soon.

So this is where we are at, price goes up people cheer WTF price goes down people scream "ADMIN WHY DUMP".

The point is it’s a fun asset to trade and create community.

So people ask me the "roadmap" a plan for WTF and give suggestions.
you can see here that we send over 70% of the ENTIRE offer to Vitalik. There is no greatness without a vulnerable spot and as long as vB doesn’t screw us over, then WTF will grow and survive.

So what can you do to help the WTF ?

1- If you are influencer, you can speak about WTF on your platform

2- If you are listing person from exchange, you can list WTF or invite us to participate in community listing contest. I can promise you that WTF army will always win over pleb coin

3 — If you want to help setup core growth of the project, some development thing like yield farming or be more involved in marketing plan, run new channels then we can talk and see where is good fit.

4- Ideas to increase trust and transparency for the project

5- If you are darkweb Anon, you can make chan and reddit and our WTF Army will support.

6- You can volunteer and help spread the word by creating a social media page and sharing information about $WTF. There are no bosses. Yes, you claim WTF you are $WTF. Just do it.

However I need to say a few things clearly

1 — We don’t take investment — who would take the investment? I am just some volunteer also. If you want to contribute we can help you direct your resources (maybe some exchange wants fee, you are welcome to pay) or just go Market Buy WTF to show support.

2 — We don’t have Admin tokens for anything and i will not give you my bag!

3 — Our volunteer team is small, usually when people give suggestions, we ask them if they can do it, we will support, but usually best way to do things is to do yourself.

4- WTF is a community project: we will not pay for exchange listings and marketing efforts are volunteers from the community, we cannot pay anyone in $ETH or $WTF for influencers or exchange listing. Please read the medium again to understand our position.

Is this a fair challenge? To see if we can build a 100% decentralized and autonomous perpetual community with no leader. I am not important, and one day I will be gone without notice. Take to WTF and journey upwards frens. I’m the creator, I’m NOT the boss," but I keep an eye on how the project is going.



Website: No Website, this is our calling card for now

my contact: @katashinakamoto (telegram)


Official Smart Contract:


Contract waiver of $WTF:

Dxsale 30% LP blocked on Uniswap:

Proof of Vitalik Ownership:

1- 30% Liquidity Locked:

2– 70% Supply to Vitalik —

At the time of writing this article, Oct 12, 2022. AM UTC+2:

$WTF Token. It is listed with a market price of 0.000000000000001 , in the last hours the price has risen 462%.

“For teh pple, freedom’’



Katashi Nakamoto

Hi World, 🌎 $WTF Decentralized. For teh pple, freedom!