Katashi Nakamoto
6 min readOct 7, 2022

I, am Katashi Nakamoto

"Believe me I’m not boss, I’m nobody I’m just a normal guy playing a keyboard, anyone can replace me . The only boss is and will be himself $WTF god of privacy and decentralization, I am Katashi".

Hello, everyone will be wondering who I am. Well, I’m not really important, in a few moments you will understand why, That’s not really important. I will give you a brief summary that I am an independent cryptocurrency trader and a dreamer of freedom.

The real importance of this text I am writing. To prepare you my dear so you can understand why WTF was created and its purpose to give solution to privacy in blockchain.

WTF was really born as a joke, without expecting it, yes, as you read it. One day on the road, in an important conversation about cryptocurrency between me and my best friend, the WTF joke came up, but how?

Well, in that conversation I said WTF and BOOOM! . Let me summarize, we came up with the idea that there might be a coin in the crypto space with that name, but since it had never been seen before.

Well, maybe we had a name for a token said in jest, but I came up with the idea of ​​creating a unique token in your space but going back to the origins and reestablishing that original DNA again, which was manipulated by many imposters, throughout history, thus causing a dark age, causing evil damage and havoc to people who didn’t deserve it.

Since crypto is all about tokens, honestly I think that decentralization is a matter of aligned interest and distribution to token holders. If mystery admin holds 30% of all tokens in so-called “locked wallet” then still mystery admin has 30% of responsibility for the community and drive. This is what we often see.

When we designed the WTF experiment, our goal was very altruistic to provide an opportunity for fair distribution and ownership from the day, (10-10-2022 00:00:00 AM UTC+2) At that time I will start developing, WTF. This means that even if I, Katashi and my 2 friends set up WTF , we no have more ownership potential than anyone else in the world. We will continue more about the vision, but first how will it be done.

Rule #1 — I, Katashi, will spend 0 on the project. Why 0> It’s not because I’m poor, I sell my entire chain link for $8 to people and have fun with crypto money to play with, honestly, I want to know if something can start from scratch from someone with zero.

Rule #2 – Since I spend 0 on the project, all the $WTF tokens I will have must be purchased on the open market like any other.
(so I’ll buy my tokens) not "team token" or "admin token", "marketing token" is just "Katashi token" same as if i bought it.

Rule #3 – Since the “team” has no tokens and I am just a volunteer, we cannot pay anyone in $ETH or $WTF for influencers or exchange listing.


$WTF with a new and unique DNA, will stay forever on the blockchain.

Every day, the community will grow stronger and more loyal to the WTF troll, bringing back the golden age of memes, i’m sure, happiness, prosperity and fortune.
WTF is WTF, the only way to be WTF is to be a WTF, I hope you get the message, many will try to copy our originality and visión, we are pure and unique in this space, please:

Do your own research.

My vision is to see $WTF
in the future being a 100% decentralized and community driven coin, and direct anonymous payments between parties, being the best financial ecosystem by hiding your ip address."

To achieve that, it will depend on people with a big heart, as I said there is no marketing team wallet , no wallets dev.

How will $WTF promote your privacy?

“I am confident that some developer will know about $WTF Token and will follow the vision.”

❇️ $WTF will be based on what is called a ‘ring of stealth signatures and addresses’, which help hide the identity of the participants. Ring signing combines the user’s account key with public keys from the $WTF blockchain.
Third parties will not be able to identify which key is the public part and who is the user’s, which eliminates the possibility of linking the user to the signature.

Do not compare $WTF Token to any meme token created to this day, It is a project to really provide freedom and solve the problem of anonymity in the blockchain.
"We don’t compare ourselves to any."


Imagine paying with a fully decentralized and 100% private currency, a direct payment between parties without being able to trace the transaction., "Anonymous payments between parties" without being manipulated by this current system full of crooks and corrupt leeches. I see that it is a way to troll them. I hope you understand.

In the not too distant future I hope to see $WTF have thousands of anonymous and private transactions between us, (Earth)

Welcome to decentralization and privacy 100% this is blockchain. (RingCT) is an acronym for Ring Confidential Transactions.

I, Katashi Nakamoto, will waive 100% of the contract.

My friend and I to add all the liquidity, we decided to invite a very good friend who knows a lot in the cryptocurrency space, we explained to him in detail the future vision of $WTF Token, and I noticed his eyes were shining, and he was talking to him on the phone. At that moment, he decided to give liquidity to $WTF Token.

“I will decide to burn 70% to a good friend known in this space Vitalik Buterin.
I, Katashi Nakamoto, will have to buy a small bag of $WTF with my own money, as will my 2 good friends.
We really don’t know what will happen. But it will happen.”

“We believe through the power of collective decentralization we can build something stronger than a centralized team ever could create. A community-run token is nothing without the united individuals who give it purpose.

And here we are now:

If you claim it, you are a $WTF.

  1. I will waive 100% of the contract.
  2. I will send 70% to (Vitalik Buterin, Founder Etherum).
  3. I will add 30% to a liquidity pool and lock it on Uniswap.
  4. A means of communication.
  5. $WTF is and will be 100% from the community and decentralized token.

“There is no greatness without a vulnerable point and while Vb. don’t bother us, $WTF will grow and survive.”

“Whatever happens with ($WTF ) , it will be thanks to people like you with a big heart, I thank those people who in the future will do something great with $WTF”.

Everything is written on the blockchain, and $WTF there is no stopping it.

The time has come.
If you have come so far it is because you are willing to bring back that golden era.

P.S. There are no official socials, nor partner projects or further releases. WTF is by design without design, and it is up the WTFCommunity to shape WTF. Only by giving you the vision and seeing what cames next may we have a truly free and decentralized system, for payments anonymous and between parties.


Telegram: https://t.me/WTFthetokencoinkiller

my contact: @KatashiNakamoto (telegram)

“The more absurd the market’s behavior, the better the opportunity for the methodical investor.”

Katashi Nakamoto

Hi World, 🌎 $WTF Decentralized. For teh pple, freedom!