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14 min readOct 31, 2022


“When you meet a person, introduce yourself as Katashi, if he does the same, then he has met someone special.”

$WTF is effective for a connected world:

It will be fast, private and secure. With $WTF, you are your own bank. You can spend safely, knowing that others can’t see your balances or track your activity.

I believe that there should be no third parties when paying or carrying out a transaction. when one pays or carries out a transaction., “it should be a direct payment between parties”, that is, pay directly to the owner of said product or pay directly to that person without an intermediary, banks, government, applications, etc.. that charge commission . You pay and you are leaving your money in the property of said bank or platform when making your shipment.
That means that if the platform has a problem you also have a problem and that should not happen.
With $WTF imagine a direct payment between untraceable parties, with an I2P router in C++ that will eventually allow $WTF users to hide their IP addresses when sending transactions
That (TAX) of X % will be between you and the person who is sent, nothing from third parties “

My job, my job is to protect the vision, the originality and the brand (essence). From the beginning, it is always the same.$WTF is and will be $WTF. There is no more, THAT’S ALL. Anyone who comes from the heart and has honor (firm boy) is Katashi. Anyone who comes and tries to draw a miserable tear out of ($WTF) is a scammer and will be sent instantly, to the slightest existence. This is easy to know and see, then it takes a lot of hard work and constant focus and not getting sidetracked to continue (perseverance).

We have seen many copies. “but wait, these people, community or project associated with ($WTF) because they said they were.” No, no, no and no, of course not. ($WTF) is ($WTF). The only way anyone gets involved is if they claim ($WTF) . And if so, then they are that -> ($WTF).

The importance and reason for writing this message full of (love, philosophy and hope) is to prepare you, my dear present, for a new era, and present you with a vision of the future, to make a community, 100% decentralized, perpetual and autonomous. That’s why I decided to create $WTF on the Ethereum blockchain.

“The scalability of $WTF could not be achieved in the beginning without a fair Ethereum chain, so that everything would be FAIR.” And in the future to be a 100% decentralized and private community “ anonymous payments between parties.” (RingCT)

· I started browsing the Dark Web when I was 13 years old, using (TOR), and I realized the perfect anonymity I had, Here is my actual vision.

But what is (TOR)? IF you know what TOR is, skip this part:

The goal of (TOR) is to create a distributed communications network in addition to the conventional Internet. The Dark Webs that you can find on the TOR Darknet differ in that they have the .onion domain. Tor is a network that implements a technique (Onion Routing), called designed with a view to protecting communications in the United States Navy. “The idea is to change the traditional way of routing the Internet to guarantee anonymity and data privacy.” I realized that this is a way to totally get out of the control of the current system and manipulation, and stop being controlled by the current system (government)!

I propose a solution to the problem of double spending and 100% anonymity:

To prevent double spending and leave a trace of any transaction on the blockchain, I propose a solution to the double spending problem and 100% anonymity using a 100% decentralized peer-to-peer network, with an I2P router in C++ that will eventually allow $WTF users to hide their IP addresses when sending transactions

1.· Why $WTF is and will be different?

$WTF is and will be safe
$WTF is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which means it is a secure digital cash operator for a network of users. Transactions will be confirmed by distributed consensus and then immutably recorded on the blockchain. No need to trust third parties to keep your $WTF safe.

1.2 · Not vigilance.
$WTF is private
$WTF will use ring signatures, confidential ring transactions, and shadow addresses to obfuscate the origins, amounts, and destinations of all transactions. $WTF will provide all the benefits of a decentralized cryptocurrency, without any of the typical privacy trade-offs.

$WTF will be impossible to track shipping and receiving addresses, as well as transaction amounts, will be obfuscated by default. Transactions on the $WTF blockchain cannot be tied to a particular user or real-world identity.

White Paper Summary:

“Bitcoin” [1] has been a successful implementation of the p2p electronic cash concept. Today, the user base of electronic money is growing at a constant rate; customers were attracted by the low fees and anonymity that e-money provides, and merchants value its decentralized, planned issuance. Bitcoin has effectively shown that “electronic money can be as simple as paper money and as convenient as credit cards.”

  • Unfortunately, Bitcoin suffers from several shortcomings. For example, the distributed nature of the system is inflexible, preventing new features from being implemented until nearly everyone on the network upgrades their clients. Some critical flaws that cannot be fixed quickly prevent the widespread spread of Bitcoin. In such inflexible models, it is more efficient to implement a new project rather than perpetually fixing the original project.

1.3 · How will $WTF promote your privacy?

❇️ $WTF will be based on what is called a ‘ring of stealth signatures and addresses’, which help hide the identity of the participants. The ring signature combines the user’s account key with the public keys of the $WTF blockchain.
Third parties will not be able to identify which key is the public part and who is the user’s, which eliminates the possibility of linking the user to the signature.

The main difference is that the privacy settings in the case of Zcash are optional, while in the case of ($WTF) they will be by default. Other cryptocurrencies are not mixed by default, which creates the evidence when coins are suspected of being mixed due to the perception that something is being hidden.

❇️ ($WTF) will remove suspicion as all coins will be mixed and information will be hidden automatically. Users looking to stabilize anonymous are best served with ($WTF)

2.· Fungibility

The purpose of $WTF is to create a network of fungible currency. What does fungibility mean and why is it important?
Fungibility is an important property of any working currency. It is the property that makes a unit of currency always 100% exchangeable for another unit of the same currency. There should be no differences. Each coin must be worth the same as another coin.

2.2 · You can try to hide the traces of your coins as much as you want, if you tried to mix your non-fungible coins using a mixer, coinjoin or another type of “anonymity enhancing feature”, these transactions can still be flagged as “possible suspicious activity on the blockchain” because they are mixed, even if you are anonymous. So don’t confuse fungibility with anonymity. This is why “mixing technology” only works if it’s “on by default”. If everybody is mixing all the transactions all the time, then you can’t say anything useful about the data in the blockchain.

3.· Ring Transactions (RingCT)

RingCT, short for Ring Confidential Transactions, is a signature system proposed by Shen Noether in the MRL-5 paper. You can find it in the first edition of Ledger at ledgerjournal.org. It is based on the research by Gregory Maxwell on Confidential Transactions, but adapted to be able to work with Ring Signatures.

3.2 · This technology enables users to hide the transaction amounts of transactions. It is “the last piece of the puzzle for complete anonymity on the $WTF network”. It also solves some edge cases that could compromise the untraceability of $WTF

RingCT is an acronym for Ring Confidential Transactions. This technology will make ($WTF) transactions hidden and untraceable.

3.3· A FUTURE example of a transaction on the $WTF network:

Warren has 10 coins, 5 of which he wants to send to Bill. Since the output of the transaction on the $WTF blockchain cannot be spent twice, Warren must transact the entire transaction using the output and return the rest. Therefore, the Warren transaction will be as follows: 1 entry and 2 exits. One way out is $5WTF for Bill and $5WTF , which Warren sends to himself like the rest.

The point of using ring transactions to make a payment between Warren and Bill is that only the participants in the transactions (Warren and Bill in our case) have the right to see the amount of the transactions, and this information is hidden from outsiders. At the same time, it is necessary for the network to be able to confirm the accuracy of the payment being made. To prove that the $WTF transaction between Warren and Bill is not a fraud, the amount of the transactions entered must equal the amount of the output. In our case, $10WTF on entry should equal $10WTF on exit.

Also, according to the principle of operation of crypto ring transactions, Warren must send the full amount that is in the account. This is enough for the network to validate the transaction.

3.4 · Another important feature of anonymous $WTF ring transactions will be the use of the so-called “proof of coverage”. The Proof of Coverage allows the $WTF network to cryptographically prove that the sums of the inputs and outputs of a transaction are greater than 0 and less than any arbitrary number. $WTF will use proof of coverage to prevent invalid transactions from being submitted, for example if Warren wishes to submit a negative payment.

4. · Kovri — I2P

Blockchain data is just one attack vector for the privacy of cryptocurrency users. The Chainalysis company is known to try to identify users/nodes on the P2P network based on their IP address. The Kovri project developed a C++ I2P router that will eventually allow $WTF users to hide their IP addresses when sending transactions. Kovri will be integrated or some project to not depend on third party oracles.

“Which way is better or is there another way, I’m not sure. These are just initial seeds of ideas. Whatever it is, it needs to be built carefully so as not to rely on third-party oracles, it needs to be built to be fully contained, perpetual, and self-contained.”.


1. It is up to the community to write and implement the protocol. For us freedom is not negotiable.
Freedom is fundamental, cypherphunks write code.

2. It is strongly recommended that a peer group be formed to develop and review smart contracts.
since there is no leader in this process, all types will try to claim ownership of the process.
there will be those who will be very helpful and say they can "do it all", but they will write the perfect code
with the perfect backdoor Only a contract reviewed and accepted by WTFarmy on a public github will be accepted.


Build a better trading platform on the fair Ethereum blockchain for the community ($WTF). It is a completely decentralized effort that will issue the token KATA (supply must start at 0). Stay tuned for updates. The $KATA governance token (not yet available, not developed, don’t be fooled by scams) is just the beginning. $KATA should use the RandomX mining algorithm, (Proof of Work) (PoW). The WTF ecosystem will bloom a thousand flowers, creating a global means of funding, community, and abundance for all. Hold on friends, we’re early. With love Katashi.

We are looking for developers to join our army!

The goal of ($WTF) is to create a perpetual, autonomous and 100% decentralized network for anonymous payments between parties.

Do you read any “FUD?” OK (/MORE!)
Don’t worry, ($WTFswap) will be real and if you don’t believe me, I kindly and officially invite you to unsubscribe from this community!
Look how easy it is! For specific questions and answers, ask where the developers live, /DEV on discord, Telegram.

Asking me “wen ($WTFswap”) will take you somewhere between ignorance, a gif, or a (back) link “to discord.
I REPEAT, I’m just a guy and not directly involved in development, but it’s true that I stay up to date and trust the process.

2. — WTF L2/Own blockchain (WTFChain) .
Reader: Blah, blah, what the fuck… how, and why, haha…

The WTF L2 (WTFChain) will actually use KATA as the primary pair token (we think.) The reason we are using this instead of WTF is that KATA will have a fair and “0” start in which we will not have to be concerned about over arching “whale bags” — but if you are a WTF holder, don’t worry, your WTF holdings will be used to yield KATA at the launch of WTFSwap.

Anyway, I don’t care…. I don’t care, ($WTF) will have their own Chain/L2 soon (and no, we are not associated or have any association like the rumors they tried to spread, they are too centralized) and always will be) we are 100% decentralized.

3 . ASHI — The global exchange of value for the plebs.

ASHI is a somewhat stable coin that is always pegged at 1c. We imagine this will want to launch after the WTFchain has been established, but it can also launch earlier on the ETH network and of course go online. The exact structure of ASHI is still under debate. The most direct way is to turn it into a synth, as is done on UMA, SNX or with DAI where some material is locked to Mint ASHI which always pushes it back to 1c. The other way to do this is to study the FRAX model, which is a fractional reserve and has a "receiving currency" to absorb fluctuations in value and help maintain parity. The ultimate goal is for ASHI (which operates on both ETH and WTFchain) to become a stable global currency that people in all countries can use as a store of value and as a payment method. This is a challenge, of which I don’t know the exact answer, but with the great mind power of the WTF Army, the answer will be revealed, built, donated to the community and decentralized properly. If anyone wants to put together a group with great brainpower to figure out the ASHI process, feel free to start a group and add me.

$WTF, the vision.

4 -WTF Financial Ecosystem

In addition to ASHI being added as a CURVE weighted pool pair on the ETH network, we expect a multitude of Forks from the financial base on WTFchain, this includes AAVE, CURVE, COMPOUND and of course, WTFSwap to name a few. A fantastic and unchanging bridge, of course, is central to all of this. We have seen what can be done with centralized teams, driving the adoption of l2, but my opinion is that the same power that allows them to be so fast and pioneers (everything centralized) also erodes any kind of eternal and long-term trust in these networks . I mean, if there’s a man whose arm can be twisted off, and full control, then he’s not immutable.

WTFChain’s vision is truly a distributed network, to be able to make anonymous payments. I assume you will use the EVM, but the decision will be made by the community. Whatever it is, it will have to be fully distributed.

5. THE VISION — C++ I2P router to make anonymous payments.

Build a C++ I2P router for the WTF community, for prioritize privacy and decentralization.

Join the builder community, to decentralize the world of tomorrow with WTF.

Current and real problem with BITCOIN or any other current crypto? : “Actual privacy”

Sekreta is the "universal" Internet anonymity API for modern anonymity networks, with an optional subsystem to enhance privacy.

Build and install yourself to help the WTF community ? https://gitlab.com/sekreta/sekreta/

The Kovri project developed a C++ I2P router that will eventually allow $WTF users to hide their IP addresses when sending transactions. Kovri will be integrated or some decentralized project so as not to depend on third party oracles.

Do you want to build and install yourself to help the WTF community ?


6. RandomX, the evolution of CryptoNight for WTF.

CryptoNight is a little used and abandoned algorithm. In fact, most projects that use it are abandoned.

The Monero community, seeing that it had lost the battle at CryptoNight, understood the need to develop a new algorithm from scratch. In this way, a new front for privacy coins could be opened.

The result of all that effort is RandomX. This is such a complex algorithm for privacy coins that it is theoretically impossible to implement on an ASIC. In fact, it is extremely complex to implement efficiently for GPUs and FPGAs.

RandomX owes its operation to an implementation that works based on a virtual machine of computational introspection. Basically, RandomX creates a virtual machine with certain cryptographic functions that are generated randomly. Its cryptographic function for Monero mining is launched in this virtual machine. All of this makes RandomX demanding. It requires RAM memory capacity, CPU instructions and its cache, as well as the necessary cryptographic calculation for its operation, which is based on AES-256, and also makes use of the Blake2b and Argon2d functions.

The implementation has been so successful that after almost 3 years of creating the algorithm, there is still no efficient implementation for GPUs and FPGAs. And indeed, the implementation of ASCI is still theoretically impossible. All this ends up making the use of these tools unfeasible, leading everyone to mine with CPUs, RandomX's goal.

Developers will have to implement this type of algorithm or create one from scratch, to make anonymous payments between parties with $KATA , for the $WTF ecosystem.

“Which way is better or is there another way, I’m not sure. These are just initial seeds of ideas. Whatever it is, it must be built carefully so as not to rely on third-party oracles, it must be built to be fully contained, perpetual, and self-contained.”

$WTF it will be untraceable, and it will be 100% system free and proprietary to the transactions.

Own (money and commission).
Anonymous payments between parties, thus prioritizing privacy and decentralization.

Enhanced and restored DNA.
A community 100% decentralized and (Anonymous payments between parties, with Ring CT).

“I know the road will not be easy.”
Take time and patience, but it’s written on the blockchain and there’s no way to stop $WTF.

Who builds this, what about the funds? Well, “as I said it’s 100% decentralized, we’re going to have to find a blockchain team to volunteer) to build and fully decentralize this for the ecosystem $WTF. Maybe they do and if they do it’s up to you to verify that it’s correct, you can never see a single control source (administrator), you always have to give it to the privacy god $WTF, and if it doesn’t does that? If they don’t build, what happens? Maybe you can do it yourself?: Like I said if you claim it you’re $WTF.

This is just the beginning

Blockchain belongs to us. As the WTF army,

As our own movement, it is critical to implement the above ideas (in a proper way) to set the proper financial foundations for the future.

My vision is that the core tokens of the ecosystem, WTF AND KATA, all performing their utility while, ASHI slowly but surely becomes the immutable globalized value exchange. Private and secure. Imagine a marketplace seller accepting 170 ASHI to pay for their product (of course tx fees will be minimal/none when running on (WTFChain) and untraceable.

This is my vision, now build, dear fren, much love, patience and firmness.

I give you th3 vision, let’s fly together frends.


Telegram: https://t.me/WTFthetokencoinkiller

my contact: @KatashiNakamoto (telegram)



Katashi Nakamoto

Hi World, 🌎 $WTF Decentralized. For teh pple, freedom!